Andrew Nalband
Founder of Thunk Notes

With so many great writing and note-taking tools to choose from we spend a lot of time thinking about the barriers that still exist for writers. 

You can organize your thoughts, create graphs and lists, but one point of friction that still remains is the ability to take your thoughts from one platform and distribute them on a blog, your social profiles, or anywhere you share your writing. 

Many people spend hours creating and generating valuable content without ever getting to the most important part -- publishing. 

Enter Thunk’s one-click publishing tool. I put together this video to show you what it could be like to go from writing in Thunk to sending your writing directly to a digital garden, blog, or your preferred social media platform. 

With this feature, we imagine your ideas will have less time to sit idly on a page for only you and you’ll be able to do what you do best: ship your work. 

Check out the walkthrough to see how we’re imagining this feature and let us know what you think!