Andrew Nalband
Founder of Thunk Notes

Figuratively raise your hand if you wish you could shut off the voice in your head that judges your writing before you’ve even completed a page?

If only we could blast through the many ways that we tell ourselves our ideas aren’t worth exploring maybe we could find the golden nuggets of genius you have hidden deep inside ourselves. 

When we started building Thunk, this idea was at the forefront of our product development. The biggest blocker to creativity isn’t that you aren’t creative; it’s that you spend more time thinking about how bad your writing is while you’re writing, that you stop before you’ve had a chance to get in flow. 

With Thunk’s focus mode, we give you the ability to turn off that voice with one command. Once you’ve enabled focus mode you won’t be able to judge or edit your thoughts until you’re ready to proofread. Or, maybe you just want to get it out on the page with no proofreading at all. 

That’s exactly what this mode is for. 

In this video, I’ll walk you through a few of Thunk’s commands and how we envision them becoming your writing assistant that helps block out the noise and create more freely.