Andrew Nalband
Founder of Thunk Notes

There are endless personal knowledge management tools whose sole aim is to help you create tangible files of the endless thoughts going through your mind at any given moment.

I’m a power user of these tools and while I gained the ability to see patterns in my thinking, something was still missing from the overall experience. 

Writing became more about technical aptitude and knowing what I was going to write about in the first place. 

If you are anything like me and a blank page is your biggest hurdle to start writing (and keep writing), I built Thunk for you. 

In this video I walk you through the reason why Thunk is built to bring more joy and clarity to writing, so you aren’t spending your time building databases -- instead -- your writing tool is doing all the work for you in a beautiful, clean, and automated way. 

You shouldn’t have to teach your writing tool how to write– and that’s why I built Thunk.