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Build a prolific online writing habit in only 4-weeks. Find your community and overcome your fears.

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Next workshop starts in September

Is Thunk Workshop for you?

You've started, but you're stuck

Are you writing but never gaining any traction? Are you tired of publishing into the void? Do you want more feedback?

This is for you.

It's scary to put yourself out there

Do you find you're able to write and edit, but you struggle when it comes to publishing your work? You're not alone.

This is for you.

You're not sure where to start

Do you want to write more online, but have trouble getting started? Are you overwhelmed by decisions you have to make before starting?

This is for you.

What You Get

What People Are Saying

Here's what people said about our past workshops.


"It was a tremendous experience, I had a wonderful time and learned a lot."

- Jose C.


"I'm so excited to have this event weekly!"

- Fara G.


"Thank you for putting this together! Your tools are great."

- Gordon C.


"Great workshop. I definitely enjoyed it and I will be back for more."

- Chris O.

The Three Phases

Our 30 day plan to get you writing

Week 1

Think Like a Startup

What do I write about?

Learn how startups solve problems and apply it to your writing. In this first phase of the course you will:

Define your audience
Learn how to do User Research
Define the problem you solve
Gather feedback on your content thesis

Weeks 2 & 3

F*ck It, Ship It!

What ideas resonate with my audience?

Ready with your ideas? Time to conquer stage fright. Phase II focuses on practicing in public. You will:

Test short essays every weekday
Learn to rapidly generate ideas
Get community accountability
Give and receive feedback

Week 4

Write From Feedback

How do I write based on feedback?

Congratulations, the hard part is over. You’ve built up your courage & built in public. Learn how to write a strong piece based on feedback.

Double down on what is working
Use feedback to inform your writing
Use data to inform your writing
3 pieces of tested content

Our Systematic Method

Startups use a systematic approach to combat uncertainty.
This methodology can dramatically improve your output as a writer.

Learn about your audience
to Learn
Less polished short-form content
& Testing
Gather structured feedback & adjust

What to Expect


Live Zoom Calls & Recordings

We will use video calls to show the process live. We have lectures, co-working, live examples, and Q&A.


Facilitated Feedback Sessions

We teach a structured process for gathering feedback. You'll learn by doing group feedback sessions.


Give & Receive Feedback

Grow into a better writer by giving constructive feedback to others and receive feedback on your own work.


Worksheets and Materials

You will be provided with course materials that outline the process. You can keep these forever.

We Are Not Gurus

We want you to feel inspired and empowered to create. We'll be writing along side you the whole time.

Yina Huang


Yina is a startup founder pursuing the answer to the question: how can we lead better lives? Yina has a blog where she shares lessons learned on purpose, productivity, personal growth, & optimizing life.

When she's not facilitating the course, Yina can be found dreaming about space, playing around with spreadsheets, and practicing inversions.

Yina's goal:
"I want to build the course that I've been looking for but can't find anywhere."

Andrew Nalband

The Startup guy

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, product fanatic, and designer. He wants to create a world with more joy, beauty, and delight. In 2010 he created the iOS app MyRazor, which gained an audience of over 2 million people.

Since then he's started 3 companies, been a mentor at Techstars, and been involved in 2 successful exits.

Andrew is currently the founder and CEO of Thunk—a note taking tool and workshop that empower people to create more.

Andrew's goal:
"I want to apply the tools I've learned at startups to make my online writing more consistent."



Pricing TBA


Discounted Pricing
100% Refund if You're Not Satisfied


Need Based Pricing

We want the workshop to be available to everyone. We offer significant discounts based on financial need.

Some examples of people who would qualify:

• People from developing countries
• Students
• People with low income

Please don't hesitate to contact us about a scholarship for any reason. We want to hear from you.

Apply for Scholarship


Info Session:
June 24th, 2021

Curious and want to learn more? We're hosting a Zoom call on June 24th to share more information.

Sign Up for the Info Session

Course Starts: 
July 12, 2021

Week 1: Think Like a Startup
July 12th—July 18th

Weeks 2 - 3: F*ck it, Ship It
July 19th—August 1st

Week 4: Iterate for the Win!
August 2nd—August 8th


Question 1

How much will I invest to take the course?

We offer a Founders level price for the first ten participants at $120. The standard price is $200 before June 25th and will jump to $250 after June 25th.

Question 3

What if I can't afford it?

We want the course to be available to everyone. We save space in every cohort for those in financial need. Fill out our scholarship form to apply for a discounted price.

Question 4

Is this workshop the right choice for me?

We created Thunk Workshop to address a specific set of problems we experienced ourselves. Although we believe it can benefit anyone writing online, we designed Thunk Workshop to help with these challenges:

1. You have tons of ideas, but they never seem good enough to publish. Putting yourself out there is uncomfortable and it's holding you back.
I'll get started tomorrow. I just need to keep editing, I'll publish something later. I wrote this, but it's not good enough yet.

2. You want to write online, but there are so many tools and choices it's hard to take the first step. The friction of getting started is getting in your way.
Should you use Wordpress? Twitter? Substack?

3. You started writing online, but you found yourself publishing into the void.
Is my message coming across? Is something unclear? Why isn't anyone reading?

Question 5

Will the workshop be offered again?

Yes. Participants in our first cohort will get a better price and a more hands-on experience. We don't have a date set for the second cohort, but if you'd like updates, please send us a note at support@thunknotes.com

Question 5

What if I still have questions?

Please email us any questions to support@thunknotes.com. We will be hosting an information session on June 24th, 2021 to share more. You can sign up for the information session here.

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